MJMEnergy has provided specialist energy and gas engineering consultancy, research and training since 1994. We cover the LNG, Gas, Electricity, Oil and Emissions Markets.

Regions we have worked in.

At MJMEnergy our team of energy consultants deliver professional consultancy, training and publishing services to the energy industry across the world.

In particular we focus on the commercial, technical and regulatory aspects of the energy market in both developing and developed economies.

Our industry expertise has accumulated from many years of practical involvement covering gas, electricity, LNG, oil and emissions markets in over 50 countries.

Our areas of expertise include:

Prepared Courses

Below are a selection of prepared courses that we offer. All are available in-house at 'your place', while some of are also available as public courses in London or Oxford, UK.

UK Gas Markets
28 Feb 2018
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UK Electricity
06 Mar 2018
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EU Electricity Markets
24 Apr 2018
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Global LNG Market
08 May 2018
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Uniform Network Code
20 Jun 2018
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EU Gas Markets
03 Jul 2018
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MJMEnergy Articles

From time to time we write and publish topical articles relevant to our industry. You can read from the selection below or click more articles for a larger offering.

Small-Scale Gas: Virtual Pipelines

For much of the last 50 years the natural gas industry has operated on a major industrial scale with gas produced at large gas fields, transported by pipeline or via large LNG tankers for delivery to market.

August 2016       4248

Norway and Switzerland Models of EU Treaties Considered as Possibilities for UK In the Event of Brexit

How other countries’ relations with the EU could potentially apply to the UK energy market.

June 2016       1398

Will leaving the EU affect the UK’s Energy?

In March 2016 National Grid recieved a report on the impact of Brexit on the UK energy sector. The result of which ranges from 'we don’t honestly know', to could be up to additional costs of £500m per year by early 2020s

June 2016       1419

Energy News

Selected industry news items from around the globe.

Austria gas hub blast: Ukrtransgaz reports on impact on gas transit via Ukraine

An explosion at a gas pipeline hub near Baumgarten in Austria will result in a temporary drop of natural gas transit from Russia to Slovakia via Ukraine, according to the Tuesday report by the press service of the state-run gas transmission system operator, Ukrtransgaz.

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S. Korea to build LNG-powered vessels in 2018

South Korea will place orders for vessels powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) next year in a bid to support more green shipping and develop associated industries, the oceans ministry said Tuesday.

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Planned Norway-Poland gas pipeline route examined

Specialised ships are examining the possible route of the Baltic Pipe, a planned pipeline to supply gas from Norway to Poland, Poland's PAP news agency reported on Monday.

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