Global LNG Market
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08 May 2018Oxford

Global LNG Market

What's in this course?

The course offers a knowledge of the LNG chain and its components which helps build a clear picture of operating costs. The delegate will learn about liquefaction, storage and regasification, types of ship, construction and size, terminal costs and project schedules as well as capital cost examples.

Major producing and consuming regions are identified to help participants understand the supply/ demand situation. Many are aware of the issues concerning UK imports and the lecturers outline the current situation along with details of proposed and existing terminals in key locations.

The delegate will study US, European and Asian pricing methodology, offering a look at traditional pricing structures and shifting trends. The expansion of LNG interest and the evolution of LNG pricing worldwide is explained with a look at the future prospects.

Course details

You are free to raise questions and instigate discussion on what the course content means for you and your company, both during the sessions and in the course overview at the end of the day.

LNG Overview:

the role of natural gas in global energy supply | the role of LNG | pipelines | LNG, CNG and GTLs | The history and status of the LNG industry | How safe is LNG? |

The LNG Chain:

Gas reserves for an LNG project | LNG trains | The refrigeration cycle | LNG production process | Liquefaction plant capital costs | LNG receiving terminal | LNG chain - gas use, capex and unit costs |

LNG Markets:

Supply and demand | Outlook for regional natural gas markets | Why does Europe need LNG? | US: LNG buyer, seller, or both? | UK infrastructure and import enhancements |

LNG Supply:

How is LNG supply forecast? | The importance of Qatar and Australia | Constraints on LNG supply growth | Global LNG supply actual and forecast 2000-2035 |

LNG Pricing:

LNG pricing | LNG pricing by region | LNG prices in Asia | Market based prices in the USA | Formula and market based LNG prices in Europe |

LNG Short-term Trading:

What is short-term LNG trading? | Short-term trading in the Atlantic Basin | Short-term trading in the Asia-Pacific region | Pricing of short-term cargoes | LNG cargo swaps | The outlook for short-term trading |

The LNG Spot Trading Game :

As a key player in one of Atlantica's LNG facilities you are provided with all the information you need to manage your company portfolio, buying and selling on the spot market to optimise your position.

Questions, discussion and close:

Your chance to apply the knowledge to your job and raise relevant queries.

“A one-day foundational level course providing essential knowledge about the realities and challenges of the international LNG industry.”

Who is this course for?

This is a very useful course for those new to the LNG arena, and those wanting to deepen their understanding of the LNG chain, suppliers and markets along with a look at the future of LNG worldwide.

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