LNG Economics and Markets
three-days | Pathways Level: Foundation
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LNG Economics and Markets

What's in this course?

Understanding the costs and value of LNG is crucial to optimising LNG operations and purchasing in changing markets. This course offers helpful insight, useful case studies and practical exercises.

Course details

Day 1: An Introduction to the LNG business and economics

Day 1 provides an overview of the LNG chain its economics, commercial structure, pricing and markets for LNG. LNG economics and approaches to modelling the market are explored.

Practical exercise 1:

The Beau Town LNG Project

Having been provided with data on the upstream gas assets, port facilities and costs delegates are required to produce an economic model for the Beau Town development, identifying the number of LNG trains required, project life, NPV etc.

Day 2: Making and delivering LNG: costs and projects

Day 2 focuses on the key cost areas of LNG production, including upstream gas production, liquefaction and shipping. Impacts of royalty and tax regimes, project structure, liquefaction technology, ship design, ship scheduling and diversion are all considered.

Practical exercise 2:

The LNG Shipping Business

Delegates are provided with a choice of ships and destinations and, using the data provided, are required to produce an economic model for one year of operation by the Clam Shipping Company.

Day 3: Extracting value: regasification the long-term and short-term markets

Day 3 describes the economics and operations of regasification, including land-based terminals and floating regasification. The means of accessing markets to sell LNG are explored both via long-term and short-term sales.

Practical exercise 3:

LNG Regasification Terminal

The third part of the exercise examines the economics of regasification terminals, based on the cost of jetties, storage tanks and regasification units and the contractual framework.

The LNG Trading Game

The final exercise gives delegates the opportunity to experience the dynamics of LNG trading through a well-designed game.

“a perfect blend of conceptual studies, case studies and well-designed exercises”

Who is this course for?

Those with some knowledge but wanting to deepen their understanding of the economic and fiscal factors involved in international LNG markets.

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