Global Oil Market
one-day | Pathways Level: Foundational
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Global Oil Market

What's in this course?

What makes the price of oil? Is it supply costs, capacity constraints, Opec revenue needs or market pressures? This essential briefing shows how oil market fundamentals interact with investment, trading and politics to shape the price of oil. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the structure and operation of the global oil market and learn about how oil is traded by playing the Oil Trading Game.

Course details

You are free to raise questions and instigate discussion on what the course content means for you and your company, both during the sessions and in the course overview at the end of the day.

The characteristics of oil:

A complex commodity | The role of Opec | Oil price behaviour | Many forms of oil | Measurement and units | The oil supply chain

Upstream - geology and politics:

Different types of oil reserves | Finding and developing oil fields | Sources and economics of supply | The shale revolution

Midstream - Transport and Refining

Processes and operations | Refinery economics | Crude oil valuation

Downstream - market structure & competition:

Oil and the economy | Main uses for oil | Changing demand barrel | Substitution and competition | Environmental policies and taxation

Global supply, demand and inventories:

The oil price cycles | Matching supply to demand | Patterns of inventory behaviour

What makes the price of oil?:

Market structure and trading | Role of fundamentals | Oil supply costs | Capacity constraints | Opec's balancing act | Where next for oil prices?

Questions, discussion and close:

Your chance to apply the knowledge to your job and raise relevant queries.

This course is normally presented by:

Margaret Chadwick David Long
we reserve the right to change presenters at any time.

“A one-day foundational level course looking at what makes the price of oil”

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal as an introduction to the oil market and oil price drivers for:
new staff in existing oil companies | new market entrants | Gas, electricity and other industries affected by oil prices | lawyers, consultants, and officials with an interest in the energy market |

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