UK Energy Market: Essentials
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Energy Market Essentials

What's in this course?

If you are new to the energy industry, this course will equip you to understand the unique features of energy supply within, out of, and back into the UK. It will give you a vital take on the drivers of energy prices, and the effect our capricious weather has on electricity and gas demand. It will help you to both work out how your own job is influenced by the whole world of energy, and to gaze into the future of where our heat and light might come from when we have retired!

Course details

This course gives lots of information to quickly build a clear picture of both gas and power markets. Topics included have been carefully chosen as essential elements for a good understanding. This course will help you understand the unique features of energy supply within, out of and back into the UK. It will give you a vital take on the drivers of energy prices, and the effect our changable weather has on electricity and gas demand. It will also help you to work out how companies are influenced by the whole world of energy.

Physical gas markets

What is gas? | Where and how is it produced? | Global demand. | How is it transported? | Gas demand and storage, | liquid gas in ships. |

Physical electricity market

What is electricity? | How is it produced? | How is it transported? | The National Grid and balancing. | Avoiding power cuts. |

UK energy players

What are the markets? | Supply competition and ties with Europe. | Major players and their strategies. | Do politics matter? |

Commercial energy market overview

Transportation and industry codes. | Balancing and storage. | Regulation, trading and risk. | Energy prices. | Famous near disasters. |

Future energy

Power generation futures. | The 'Green Alternative' world. | Gas supply and demand - when will we run out? |

The Gas Trading Game

The goal for each team is to make the biggest profit on their week's trading whilst balancing supply and demand. The game will necessitate strategic thinking as weather changes provoke trading decisions. The session will demonstrate take-or-pay agreements, imbalance penalties and interruptible contracts as well as the unpredictable nature of a trading environment!

“a one-day introductory level course covering the UK gas and power markets”

Who is this course for?

New staff needing a 'crash course' in energy, administration staff supporting back office functions, interested lawyers, consultants, financiers and anyone new to the complexities of how the industry works to maintain consistant supplies of gas and electricity.

What's the cost?

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Games and Exercises

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