UK Energy Market: Future
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Energy Market: Future

What's in this course?

The course will equip all those needing their own take on the UK energy market with the ingredients to assess likely future scenarios up to 20 years ahead. It features a helicopter view of the current market, known planning success stories, clean energy solutions and other energy-critical subjects. It will help debate the question, "is the future electric?" and look into the shape and challenges of future markets. Although it follows on from the much valued "UK Energy Market: Essentials course", knowledge of that course is not expected.

Course details

In this course we will show you how profound the changes may be in our own industry and in our wider society as we respond to the challenges of reducing fuel poverty, maintaining the reliability of the energy "service" heading off the impact of climate change

Reasons for change and policy interventions:

Climate change: arguments for and against | International response and the Kyoto process | Large Combustion Plant Directive, Industrial emissions | Clean Air Act & UK approach | Consumption reduction | Energy efficiency | Decarbonisation | Clean Generation and carbon price |

The Carbon Counter Game

Each team is given the same generation portfolio (nuclear, wind, gas and coal) and decisions must be made about which units to operate. Choice of generation according to changing weather must be supported by the surrender of carbon counters that must be traded to avoid penalties. Chance cards add an extra dimension to this absorbing game.

Pathways - all hail electrification!

The 'decarbonisation' buzzword | The electrification of everything | Windmills everywhere and electric cars on every drive | Resources are finite | The impact of system security and supply quality on industry | Effect on energy infrastructure | The cleaning process | Aviation and transport | Imported emissions | Emissions trading or carbon taxes? |

Decarbonisating energy

Clean generation | Technical options | Renewables - what happens when the wind stops? | Business as usual with carbon capture and storage | Picking winners or will the market decide? |

The hydrocarbon bridge - how we are doing?

Cost and the impact on fuel poverty | Progress, carbon budgets and fuel poverty commitments | Committee on Climate Change recommendations |

My 2050 role play

a facilitated exercise using the UK Government's 2050 Carbon Calculator Tool highlighting the complex interplay of factors affecting personal carbon footprints.

What's in the News?

a group discussion exercise chewing over headline climate change issues.

“provides an overview of current and future challenges and possible strategies”

Who is this course for?

Planners, movers and shakers in the energy industry including those involved in 'New Energy', strategic decision making, scenario planning, finance and investment, regulation, and public relations.

What's the cost?

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Games and Exercises

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