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The course listed below takes a closer look at the Global Oil Markets. Cick the image for more inforamtion about this course.

This course is normally available throughout the year.

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Category Oil Gas Electricity Emissions
Level Public Course Introductory Foundational Intermediate Advanced
Content Physical Characteristics Commercial Regulatory Fundamentals & Price Behaviour Structure Trading Instruments The Future
Global Oil Markets
Global Oil Markets Global Oil Market        1day
During this day we will answer questions like: Where does it come from? How is it traded? What is it's future? and more...
Public Course Dates
    UK Gas Markets
    28 Feb 2018 (1 day)
    UK Electricity
    06 Mar 2018 (1 day)
    EU Electricity Markets
    24 Apr 2018 (2 days)
    Global LNG Market
    08 May 2018 (1 day)
    Uniform Network Code
    20 Jun 2018 (1 day)
    EU Gas Markets
    03 Jul 2018 (2 days)