Electricity Markets Training Courses

Our public electricity training courses provides knowledge on the changing dynamics of the electricity markets for a number of learning levels.

The list below shows the public training courses involving electricity normally available throughout the year.

These courses are also available in-house. Feel free to contact us for a quote or for information about any of the courses you see here, or would like to see here.

Category Oil Gas Electricity Emissions
Level Public Course Introductory Foundational Intermediate Advanced
Content Physical Characteristics Commercial Regulatory Fundamentals & Price Behaviour Structure Trading Instruments The Future
UK Electricity Markets UK Electricity Markets        1day
A one-day foundational level course covering all the key areas of the UK electricity market from generation to delivery.
EU Electricity Markets European Electricity Markets        2days
An intermediate course for those entering the EU electricity markets, commercial and planning staff, lawyers, accountants and consultants.
UK Energy Market Essentials UK energy market essentials        1day
A one-day introductory level course providing a clear picture of the UK gas and power markets and an awareness of how they work.
UK Energy Market Future UK energy market: the future        1day
A one-day foundational level course that provides a clear overview of current and future challenges facing the UK energy markets and possible strategies for the way ahead.
Energy Markets Course EMC: The Energy Markets course        3days
A foundational course giving a thorough grounding in the theories, practice and operations of gas and electricity utility businesses.
Public Course Dates
    UK Gas Markets
    28 Feb 2018 (1 day)
    UK Electricity
    06 Mar 2018 (1 day)
    EU Electricity Markets
    24 Apr 2018 (2 days)
    Global LNG Market
    08 May 2018 (1 day)
    Uniform Network Code
    20 Jun 2018 (1 day)
    EU Gas Markets
    03 Jul 2018 (2 days)