Many of our games and exercises are based in the ficticious province of Dynamica where we can create exactly the right circumstances to focus on your key learning points. By adapting the infrastructure of this fantasy island, just about any situation can be created to effectively communicate and build understanding of the energy industry - or any other business for that matter.

Some companies like to incorporate elements of their personal development programmes to create another valuable dynamic alongside a helpful learning experience.

The variations of games and exercises it is possible to create using this environment are almost limitless. Take the tour to see some of the games that we have developed.

Gas Trading Game

A trading game presented over one or two hours as part of a training course or as a stand-alone team building exercise. It is designed to encourage the participants to think strategically about how to trade gas with a given gas supply and demand portfolio.

Each of four or six companies are provided with data on its supply and demand portfolios and calculate a strategy.

Supply information

Gas comes into the Dynamica National Grid at two locations: the LNG import facility at Ampleton (Terminal 1) and the pipeline gas import facility at Flowing Well (Terminal 2). Supply data is terminal-specific.

Demand data

Three groups of customers, domestic, industrial and interruptible are supplied at a specific price and peak day volume and demand is calculated according to weather situations.

Developing strategies

The teams are encouraged to establish a gas trading strategy. In part this strategy will be dependent on whether they have a surplus or a deficit of gas.

Trading platform and outcomes

Teams make bids and offers in an open outcry trading platform during timed sessions. Each session simulates one day and the exercise is normally conducted over a 'four-day' time period. Good trading and avoidance of imbalance penalties will determine the winner.

Gas Charging Exercise

The beach terminal at Flowing Well could be a suitable setting for this exercise. It allows delegates to experience the challenges and underlying principles associated with gas transportation charging. Delegates will also gain an understanding of Entry/Exit charging and the impact of the load factor and annual consumption by comparing overall profitability of different customer types and sizes.

Market Liberalisation

The total flexibility of Dynamica's energy system means that advanced scenarios can be developed and so is an ideal setting for this energy market liberalisation exercise.
Currently set in a land called Hypothermia, this case study develops over four separate exercises as players consider strategic, political and economic factors to determine gas import strategy, company unbundling, market liberalisation and gas trading.

Communicating Company Strategy

We have developed specific exercises for companies wanting to effectively communicate their business model or strategy to all departments.
The company ethos can also be experience by the participants in a non-threatening scenario whilst simultaneously imparting a useful learning session relating to aspects of the business.
The exercise encourages cross-functional operation of different departments as they operate together for the ultimate benefit and efficiency of their company.

Marketing and Pricing Strategy

What strategies will the participants employ to increase their company's profits and market share? Players make strategic decisions about marketing, sales, infrastructure, customer service budgets as well as choosing retail price offerings. The competing strategies of different companies are entered into a dynamic market model simulating real market competition. Energy purchasing and hedging options can also form part of the decision process.
Market models for other games and exercises such as this can be designed to help the participant understand the outcomes of their strategy.

The LNG Trading Game

Our LNG Trading Game gives the participants a first-hand opportunity to understand how LNG cargoes are bought and sold and to experience the dynamics of this developing market.
Variations on the game could include such aspects as LNG contracts, destinations and shipping.

The Electricity Trading Game

This game features four companies with different generation portfolios competing to supply and trade electricity over a series of trading periods. Generation outages and interconnector flows provide a dynamic and interactive trading market.


Gas Storage Business Models

Currently based on a country called Gastoria, this exercise gives four companies the option to choose between different storage contracts and spot market prices to hedge gas prices over a number of years. This involves assessing potential storage contracts in the context of load duration curves and changing market prices.

Emissions Trading Exercise

Currently based on a country called Gastoria, this exercise gives four companies the option to choose between different storage contracts and spot market prices to hedge gas prices over a number of years. This involves assessing potential storage contracts in the context of load duration curves and changing market prices.

LNG Economics and Markets

CLNG facilities based in Dynamica offer the potential for a variety of LNG economics exercises. This case study challenges participants to develop a series of models; optimising gas production, liquefaction, shipping and trading.
Areas covered include calculating capitol and operational expenditure, projections, profits and losses from given data and year on year outcomes.

Dynamica Negotiation Exercise

This negotiation exercise has been designed to help develop negotiating skills. After management and technical briefings on a number of important areas, teams of producers and buyers will begin gas sales negotiations.
Through a series of meetings overseen by us and the participating company experts, teams will negotiate a gas contract covering the key contract issues of volume, duration, initial price, take-or-pay level and price escalation.

Interconnector Exercise

Utilising a virtual environment offers the possibility of a huge range of different scenarios and exercises. The Tradeswell-High Bids Interconnector for instance could be the setting for an import/export exercise as players flex contracts and interconnector flows to exploit arbitrage opportunities across related markets.
By adapting the infrastructure of Dynamica, just about any situation can be created to communicate your company's learning and development aspirations.
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