UK Gas Markets

The UK has the one of most the liberalised gas markets in the world, and has seen dramatic development since its privatisation in 1986.

Facing great uncertainty over future demand and supply, the UK gas market has become a key part of the global interaction of pipeline gas and LNG supplies.

The NBP gas price, which is set in the UK, is a key global pricing factor.

Plugging the increasing UK 'gas gap' as the market evolves will affect all aspects of marketing, buying and selling gas to get the best possible price.

As well as describing the whole "UK world of gas" and how it works, this one-day course will also describe:

  • coping with the un-predictables, like the weather,
  • future consumption patterns and the imperative of trading in gas supplies,
  • explaining how these factors form NBP prices.
By the end of the day you will:
  • Understand the physical gas market,
  • Understand market fundamentals and price behavior,
  • Gain an overview of the commercial gas market,
  • Understand financial instruments and how trading strategies work,
  • Know about the importance of security of supply and balancing of the system

Nick White

Trainer:- Nick White

As a consultant, Nick has advised companies on diverse areas of energy market development and regularly writes, develops and presents training courses.

Nick's key areas of expertise include energy market liberalisation, regulation and transportation charging, third party access to transportation networks, market design and corporate restructuring, energy trading, and gas and power convergence.

David Long

Trainer:- David Long

David is an independent consultant and writer specialising in the oil and energy derivatives markets. He is the editor for the Oil Trading Manual (OTM), a widely-used and well-known comprehensive guide to the world oil market, and the Gas Trading Manual (GTM).

David is also the founder of Oxford Petroleum Research Associates and writes regularly for Argus and the Centre for Global Energy Studies.

UK Gas Markets

one-day training course

UK gas markets course content

You are free to raise questions and instigate discussion on what the course content means for you and your company, both during the sessions and in the course overview at the end of the day.

The Physical Gas Market:

introducing natural gas | its characteristics, measurement & storage | Global gas context - where does it all come from? | UK gas production and imports, | gas transportation, | Gas consumption and the dilemma of matching supply and demand

Market Fundamentals & Price Behaviour:

Seasonal and unpredictable demand | Role of weather and economic and social issues | Long pipelines, contract terms | Balancing and storage | Gas price behaviour | Structure & trading instruments | Supply and balancing | Exploiting assets | Arbitrage and risk management | Supply margins and hedging/speculation

Overview of the Commercial Gas Market:

Commercial market structure: Upstream, Midstream, Downstream | What is the NBP? | Customers and supply competition | Shippers, transportation and the UNC | Storage and trading | Upstream players and processes | Regulators and regulation

The Gas Balancing Game:

Our interactive Gas Balancing Board Game helps delegates to experience the challenges of balancing supply and demand, and making money, in the context of changing weather and an uncertain, competitive market.

Instruments & Trading Strategies:

Motives for trading | Hedging strategies | Trading instruments: OTC and exchange, forwards and futures | Mark-to-market | Hedging gas supply costs | Hedging seasonal demand | Storage cost and value

Security of supply and balancing:

What is security of supply and why does it matter? | Short-term security - system balancing | When balancing fails - gas emergencies | Long-term security in a changing market

Questions, discussion and close:

Your chance to apply the knowledge to your job and raise relevant queries.

UK Gas Markets

one-day training course

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New staff in existing power companies, regulators and consultancies | Graduate Trainees joining the energy industry | Experienced staff moving into gas marketing | Lawyers, consultants, those dealing with contracts and customers | Financiers and traders

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