Capacity building is at the forefront of everything we do.

MJMEnergy has supplied public courses, in-house bespoke training and consultancy services in many countries around the world since 1994.

We have helped more than 5,000 people to:

  • understand new concepts
  • develop new skills
  • expand their awareness and
  • increase and build on what they already know
Our in-house and bespoke services also offer the benefit of team building, whilst attending our public courses allows opportunity for networking with other delegates within the energy industry.

All of our trainers and influencers use:

  • the latest data
  • relevant case studies
  • personal examples
  • business games/market simulations and exercises
  • quality presentations and discussions
All are consultants and experts in their fields, whether MJMEnergy staff or our exceptional associates. Giving you the best there is to offer.


All of our courses are eligible for CPD points and are accredited by The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers as well as the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Participation may also contribute to meeting requirements under the terms of the ICAEW's CPD policy for accountants.

Prepared Courses

We have a selection of prepared courses you can choose from that include Gas, Electricity, Oil, LNG, Carbon Emissions and Energy Trading and Risk Management.
Some of these courses are available as public training at various locations in London or Oxford.

Effective Development

All of our prepared courses can be delivered in-house on request, providing convenient, relevant and up-to-date training.
The modules from different courses can also be mixed and matched if required to provide a more bespoke service but at a much lower prepared course price.

Bespoke Courses and Capacity Building

As well as building engaging training sessions to meet your specific requirements we will use our creative skills to develop interesting games and exercises for you. From simple energy balancing games to more complex negotiation exercises and market strategy games, we can offer you a wide variety of activities to support your training programmes.

As well as developing interesting and interactive training sessions we have also created many business games for particular areas where there is a need to improve operational knowledge, change behaviours and broaden staff understanding of certain sectors within the industry.

Interactive Learning, Online

Recognising that time is precious and it’s not always possible or practical to leave your work place for a day or longer, we have been developing an online learning platform.
Currently you can access an Introduction to LNG which is a single module from our one-day Global LNG Markets course.

If you are a member of EFET then you can explore the online
Energy Markets Training Programme (EMTP) from here.

Other courses will be coming as demand requires. If you are looking for a way to increase your understanding of an area of the energy industry, that can fit in around you, but you don’t see it here, talk to us.

Learning by doing, hands on experience

As part of your capacity building experience we incorporate games, exercises and business simulations, which will not only be fun to participate in but also illuminating, by drawing out of you the things learnt and often identifying hidden traders, strategic thinkers as well as excellent operational skills.

When you enter the MJMEnergy fictitious world of Dynamica you will find yourself flung into challenging situations along with the tools needed to successfully negotiate your way back to the real world, having gained a wealth of experience and explored endless possibilities along the way.


Whatever your training and development requirements are we can help.
You can contact us to start a conversation, or phone us +44(0)1993 774736.
After a discussion to understand your requirements we will be able to supply you with a free no obligation quotation.