Energy Consultancy

Our energy consultants serve the energy industry worldwide. Through our active network of energy experts we offer experience and knowledge on a wide variety of projects both technical and societal. Our international clients include major energy players, regulators, lawyers and government bodies.

Our highly experienced core team is complemented by an impressive network of associates, in order for our multi-disciplinary teams to deliver appropriate, timely and effective resources for each new and diverse commission.

We often work with a local country partner, and regularly support high-level government and supplier negotiations. We can arbitrate over technical disputes, act as expert witnesses, support a fair procurement process and write a full contract specification.

Energy Consultancy Projects

The following pages offer a selection of consultancy projects that we have undertaken over recent years. They have been broken down under the following headings:

Markets & Trading

NW Europe gas storage market analysis
A fast turn around of an indepth analysis of storage sites across NW Europe gave our client the confidence they needed in considering their next acquisition.
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Drafting regulatory access exemption proposal
The purpose of the project was to draft a regulatory access exemption proposal with supporting documentation.
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Market Monitoring
The purpose of the project was to provide a quarterly report analysing market conduct and competition in a liberalising Asian gas market, as well as additional investigation and support services to the market monitoring panel.
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Network Codes & Transportation

Gas tariff study and recommendations
The purpose of the project was to provide a Government ministry with recommendations for the setting of gas tariffs for a developing market, with reference to the economic, competitive, development and socio-economic impacts of tariff design.
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Engineering Services

Gas Supply Replacement
Negotiation with National Grid Gas and its contractors over the least intrusive and most effective way of replacing the complete gas main and supply up to meters, in a 1970's block of 85 luxury flats.
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Gas Storage Feasibility Study
The purpose of this feasibility study was to provide estimates of capex, opex and potential income that would result from converting a disused mine into a gas storage facility for operation in the UK gas market.
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Expert witness on a pipeline contract dispute
Mike Madden was requested to act as an Expert Witness on a dispute regarding interruptible transportation arrangements on an Asian gas pipeline.
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Market Entry Study
The purpose of the project was to provide a strategic market entry study, in particular focusing on LNG.
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