Energy Training Games, Exercises and Simulations

Interactive Games

We get as close as we can to reality in the form of competitive games that we have designed specifically to cement the knowledge the delegate has been presented with in the course. These are based on the realities of gas prices, weather upsets and even chance cards to represent real life situations.

What if your power station has an unscheduled shut down or an earthquake has disrupted gas supply?

These are just two examples of the sort of scenarios that delegates will have to strategise, problem-solve and work out how to implement, all presented in a creative format.

As well as being enjoyable and fast moving, these games will identify some very deft traders, strategic thinkers and excellent operational skills.


With years of experience of developing games, exercises and scenarios for different companies and courses, both in house and public, we are now very good at them. Below you will find links to samples and examples. Feel free to browse and then contact us to discuss your training and simulation requirements.