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Below you will find a list of some of our associates and a short bio for each.

Andy Flower.

andy flower Andy Flower has been working as an Independent Consultant for over nine years specialising in the LNG business where his areas of expertise include; strategy, marketing, project structures, LNG shipping, pricing, LNG supply and demand and project economics.

He retired from BP in 2001 after 32 years service, including 22 involved in LNG and natural gas business activities. At various times during his career, Andy was involved in liquefaction projects in Nigeria, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Qatar, Indonesia and Trinidad. He has provided advice to companies planning LNG receiving terminals in N. America, Europe and Asia and has negotiated LNG sales contracts with buyers in all the major LNG markets.

Ben Farrington

Ben Farrington Ben Farrington has over 20 years experience in the gas industry working in gas transportation, storage and trading. He has held operational and commercial roles within Transco and BG Storage. He was Portfolio Manager within the UK gas marketing and trading function at BG Group.

Since 2003 Ben has been working as a consultant which has led him to work on market opening in Ireland and on gas security of supply in the UK. He spent two years in New Zealand where he helped to develop the new arrangements for gas supply emergencies.

In 2008 Ben returned with his family to Oxfordshire and set up his own boutique consultancy. Lecturing provides a refreshing variety to the mix with commercial consultancy work.

Duncan Jack

Duncan Jack Duncan Jack has been an independent consultant since 2006, specializing in the commercial and regulatory aspects of the power and gas markets.

Prior to this he held positions in ELEXON, St Clements Services and Transco. As a consultant he has worked on a variety of projects in the UK and abroad, covering trading arrangement design, regulatory risk review, and advising on market entry projects.

Duncan is the author of our TECCS BSC and CUSC service and lectures on our Electricity Markets courses.

David Long

David Long David Long is an independent consultant and writer specialising in the oil and energy derivatives markets. He is the editor for the Oil Trading Manual (OTM), a widely-used and well-known comprehensive guide to the world oil market, and the Gas Trading Manual (GTM).

David began his career with BP in 1977, where he worked in Corporate Planning and Supply departments. He then spent two years on secondment at The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, studying the development of forward paper markets in oil, in particular the 15-day Brent market, before joining the Institute as a Research Fellow from 1986 to 1989. While at the Institute he took part in research on the oil export policies of the Former Soviet Union, the development of the European refining industry and the behaviour of prices in the physical, forward and futures markets for gasoil in Europe.

Since then David has founded Oxford Petroleum Research Associates and writes regularly for Argus and the Centre for Global Energy Studies.

David Ledesma

David Ledesma David Ledesma is an independent consultant with nearly 20 years LNG experience gained through the development of LNG projects in Asia and the Middle East.

David provides commercial, financing and strategic support to National and International energy companies globally. He also gives commercial training courses on LNG and is one of the authors for the Oxford Energy Institute’s book ”Gas in Asia” published in June 2008 and is currently co-authoring a book in Middle East gas.

Margaret Chadwick

Margaret Chadwick Following working for BP, Tessella, and as a research fellow for the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies, Margaret founded Oxford Petroleum Research Associates with David Long in 1986. She writes regularly for Petroleum Argus and the Centre for Global Energy Studies on a range of issues, including supply and demand fundamentals, refining, e-trading and other energy sources.

Core subjects:- Oil markets, Refining, Emissions trading.

Roy Dinsmore

Roy Dinsmore Roy Dinsmore became an independent consultant in January 2010. Between 1990 and 2009 Roy worked for RWE Npower and its predecessors, originally as a UK energy trader, and between 2000 and 2005 as a European energy trader, where he established RWE Npower's European Power trading desk. In 2005 he became Head of Origination for Npower plc, where his achievements included pioneering the use of gas storage and weather derivative contracts to manage gas market risks for the retail business, and a range of graduate coaching and mentoring roles.

Before entering the energy market, Roy was a coffee trader working in both the UK and Brazil between 1983 and 1990. Roy also lectures on a number of energy market courses.

Chris LeFevre

Chris LeFevre Chris Le Fevre worked for Shell between 1981 and 1987 and British Gas/Transco between 1987 and 2002. He was a Director of Global Gas for British Gas and for Transco was Director of Transportation Services, Network Operations, Corporate Affairs and Metering.

During his time at Transco Chris was responsible for the implementation of the GB Network Code. Since 2002 Chris has worked as an independent consultant and associate of MJMEnergy and for 5 years was a Board Member of the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation. Chris is a lecturer on our UK Gas Markets course.