Below you will find the articles published for MZINE in 2015.

Has Canada Missed the LNG Boat?
Canada has around 2tcm of conventional gas reserves and an estimated unconventional gas reserve of 16.2tcm (EIA 2013), which is more than sufficient for large-scale LNG investment.
December 2015       1579
Will Iran Join the Ranks of Global LNG Suppliers?
Is it too late for Iran to join the ranks of global LNG suppliers, in a world where LNG may not be so much in demand?
November 2015       1135
Corbynomics in the Energy Sector
What would be the effect on the energy sector be were Corbyn to defy conventional political wisdom and assume office in 2020?
October 2015       1159
Will Cameroon Become an LNG Supplier?
With Cameroon's oil production in decline, there has been a redirection of efforts to monetise its gas reserves
October 2015       964
This is the second of two articles that examine the growth of LNG supply and demand over the period 2015-2035.
July 2015       1492
LNG DEMAND TO MORE THAN DOUBLE BY 2035…then again it might not!
This analysis of LNG demand for the period 2015-2035 was recently undertaken by MJMEnergy as part of its in-depth analysis of LNG supplies 2015 to 2035 published in the MJMEnergy LNG Supply Handbook 2015-2035.
July 2015       2494
Is LNG Set to Mirror Oil?
In the 1980s the oil market, which had previously had long-term fixed-price contracts, underwent a significant change. Is LNG is approaching a similar moment in time?
June 2015       1266
Marine bunkering to drive the cryogenic LNG supply chain
Historically the main function of Liquefied natural gas "LNG" has been to facilitate the transportation of gas from gas producers such as Algeria, Indonesia, Malaysia and Qatar
June 2015       3329
UK Energy Polices In The Front Line
At the heart of energy policy is three key objectives – keep the lights on as cheaply and as decarbonised as possible. These three aims are often in conflict with one another.
April 2015       1506
LNGisation in the Rail Sector
In the middle of the 20th century the process of dieselisation saw steam trains ousted by diesel locomotives. Will LNG oust diesel?
January 2015       893
12 Things to Watch Out for in 2015
With a volatile 2014 consigned to the history books we have a look at 12 things to watch out for in the coming year in the energy industry.
January 2015       1324